January Goals

December was a very difficult month for me. I attended a funeral, Connor was poorly on Christmas Day, my brothers 10 year death anniversary was on the 27th and I ended a relationship with someone whom I shared many memories with.

Throughout of all this, I smiled and stayed as positive as I could. I’ve decided to make 2018 an amazing year full of exciting change for both me and Connor.



  1. Look for full-time work
  2. Join Slimming World
  3. Cook something new at least once a week
  4. Read at least one new book
  5. Continue to follow Frances Cannon Self Love Club Rules
  6. Refer to CBT


  1. Potty train Connor
  2. Encourage a good bedtime routine
  3. Sit at the kitchen table for breakfast, dinner and tea
  4. Read a book before bed


  1. Post weekly
  2. Comment on others blogs
  3. Take more photos
  4. Learn how to take a good flat lay
  5. Work on my social media accounts

If you’re not following me already, I’d love for you too!




I will continue to blog my monthly goals to help me stay focused. I’m looking forward to 2018, I can’t wait to see what I accomplish!

Do you create monthly goals? Weekly goals? Does it help you stay focused? Let me know In the comments.

Kirsty. Xx


  1. Sorry to hear December was difficult for you, but well done to you for picking yourself up and setting some fantastic goals for January. Keep that positive mindset and I have no doubt you will achieve everything you have set out to do. Happy New Year I hope it’s fabulous for you

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  2. I’m so sorry that the end of 2017 was so hard on you, sending you a big hug! The fact that you’ve managed to stay smiling throughout all of that is absolutely brilliant, I commend you! With that attitude, you’ll definitely smash all of your new year goals – wishing you the best of luck!

    Abbey x

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  3. I’m sorry about your loss. 😔
    December can be hard even without. These days I set goals day by day. My mental situation doesn’t handle long term goals so good now. 😉

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