September Goals


This month is all about self-growth and good vibes. I’m setting and posting my goals in hope that it will help me stay focused! 

1.) Focus on managing my blog/work time.

I soon realised that blogging takes up a lot of time, there is always something to do to keep you busy. My time is very limited, i have a 2 year old who keeps me on my feet. He starts nursery this month, how exciting! So I will have a few hours to myself, fingers crossed that once all the cleaning up is done, I’ll have 5 minutes to do some work.  

2.) Sleep 8 hours a night. 
Sleep is virtually none existent in my home, We need a routine! Usually bedtime is between 10.00 pm and 10.30 pm. We usually wake up at 7.30 am but my sleep is often distrubed by my son, he is learning to cope without a dummy and has recently been moved into a toddler bed; this is a difficult transition for him, so I’m hoping in time things will go back to normality.

3.) Have a skincare routine that works for me. 

I wash my face every morning, I often moistures, I use face masks and I exfoliate. It’s very time-consuming! I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve gone to bed 1 or 2 times with my makeup still on my face. I want to get into a routine that fits into my daily life perfectly; because my skin feels and looks better for it.

That’s my 3 goals set…

I will have others but these are my main ones for this month.

What goals have you set yourself this September, and how do you accomplish them? I really want to know.

Kirsty. X

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